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Climbing TFT

I started playing TFT at the end of split one. I ended up placing in silver and made my way up to platinum. I pretty much stopped after that, since it was my goal.

In split 2, I ended up placing in bronze (guessing it was due to the influx of players) and I am currently at Plat 3.

I'm not super high elo or some know it all, but I thought I would share some of the things I have learned for those who are wanting to climb, around the bronze-platinum tiers.

These are things I have noticed by tier.

tilt disclaimer:

Let me start off by saying: If you are getting angry when playing a game, then it no longer is a game. There is some luck involved in TFT, there are games that just don't work out due to the RNG. Don't let this get you down, though the odds are that if you got lower than 4th; there are probably things you needed to do differently.

Remember in every game there are 4 winners and 4 losers. If everyone plays optimally, then you have an even shot at being in the top 4 or the bottom 4. You can see this on some high Elo players. You will see a lot of wins and a random 6th-8th place.

You lost, it happens. Try to optimize your gameplay and fix anything you messed up.

So here we go:

Overall Tips:

Have fall-backs if your build fails.

  • Ex. You got early 3 mage and want to go into 6 mage comp (but RNG says no or 3 other people are contesting that) Fall back to a 3 mage, 2 warden/ocean (naut/thresh) until those units open up (like when the bottom 2 get taken out).

  • Ex. You aren't hitting your 6/9 inferno. Fall back to a 3 inferno/3assassin build with a decent front line (amumu late).

Use items wisely (this is my worst issue).

  • I often get greedy/scared of my health and put items on a non-carry, this might help you early/mid but scales terribly in the end game.

Let RNG flow through you. < - :P lol

  • So you started the game and really want a blender comp (not sure why I hate that build). No spatula first or second round and you haven't even got a bow yet? Abort. Try to pivot to a safe comp.

  • First store population of the game and you got 3 of one champ but it doesn't line up with what you wanted to run? RNG loves you, let it flow. Grab all 3 and see what you can build around it.

  • Is Veigar getting put in your store on round 1? Grab him, 3-star Veigar is legit broke (his ult instantly kills anyone below 3 stars, double proc'ing this with a 3/6 mage(ocean/warden) comp is an easy win.

Don't Die with unspent gold.

  • I've done this countless times. You get greedy econ'ing just to realize you have 50 gold with one last fight and you are on a losing streak.

  • You are better off rolling/upgrading, than dying with a ton of gold. Econ'ing has a lot to do with winning games, but only if you are alive to use it.

Be flexible.

  • It is ok to have a preferred build, just don't continue forcing if you are losing a lot of HP.

  • Yes, r/competitiveTFT has challenger builds and walkthroughs, but there is a lot of decision making and shear skills that go into those. If everyone could just blindly follow that build, then everyone would be challenger (or no one would be challenger). What you don't see on those builds, is that those players rolled/econ'd and they might swap out one or two of those champs/items due to RNG.

Have Fun.

  • The game is supposed to be fun. Not stress-inducing. Easier said than done, but seriously if you aren't having fun; turn off the game and go do something you enjoy. Life is short, don't spend it getting angry at a video game.

  • Be friendly, talk to people in the lobby, if they end up beating you or playing something unique. You can try to add them after and ask them what/why they did that. If you aren't a jerk, they will probably answer your questions.

  • Every loss is a learning opportunity, I recommend looking at every game you don't place 1st and finding something you think you did wrong. Try to improve that the next game.

  • Every 1st place victory, look through and find out what you did right. Try to replicate that in every game after.

OK on to the individual tier tips:

Bronze tier:

  1. You can get away with a lot in this tier. This a good thing but also a bad thing, don't let getting away with something become a habit. Take note of things you "got away with" try to fix those the next game.

  2. It is the one-tier that you can go in with a specific blind build and probably get at least 4th. (A plan is better than NO PLAN in this case.)

  3. Use this time to perfect your builds, if you don’t like playing normals.

  4. Practice scouting, the traits panel updates as you scroll through the other users. When I started scouting I would only look at these to see what traits were contested. You do not have to look at the whole bench (unless you see a trait that matches you, or are looking for a specific champ.)


  1. It is a little harder to get away with blind builds but can still work if you have 2 or 3 builds at your disposal.

  2. You can climb somewhat easy, though using blind builds strategy you will notice you are placing in the middle of the pact 3-6 so wins and losses will start spreading evenly.

  3. Item's start playing a role, if you have a defensive comp ensure you buy defensive items. If you have an offensive comp, buy offensive items.

  4. Practice pivoting from early/mid to late, it is needed in Gold.


  1. You start getting punished for mistakes. You walked into the wrong champ on carousal, since riot likes to screw up the hit boxes, or blitz caused a micro-studder in FPS? This might mean the difference between 4th and 5th place, especially if the champ/item you wanted was highly contested.

  2. Items need to be put on the right champion, you might have gotten offensive items for your offensive comp, but you put it on the wrong champ.

  3. The late game is king. I noticed in gold, I would be pretty healthy until the late game even if I was on a losing streak. Though, this also means that gold players don't focus too hard on the early game. Players are too busy focusing on rolling/upgrading to get a good early comp that can punish or sustain.


  1. The early game really starts to matter (after the second carousel, since people still sack themselves to get that spatula for blender comp). Having a good foundation is key. Ocean/warden or woodland/druid words really well. Ocean/warden can allow pivot into glacial/electric while woodland/druid can allow pivot into mage/assassin (though you want Leblanc in the woodland/druid combo for that)

  2. The map element starts playing a role. Qiyana starts becoming contested more. Qiyana allows for some very strong early games since you can get a mountain with Qiyana/Taliyah or cloud with qiyana/Yasuo or infernal with Dianna/Zyra/qiyana.

  3. Games tend to end faster in platinum, from what I have seen. Early game is decent and the first 2 bottom slots are defeated by mid-game.

  4. The pivot from mid to late game will make the difference on where in the top four you will place.

Well, that's all I have for now. These are just things I have noticed and thought they might help some lower elo people out. Thanks for reading.

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